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Executive Committee

The Gunnedah Women's Forum

Date: 28th - 29th July, 2010
Venue: The Civic Gunnedah, NSW.

The Gunnedah Women's Forum will raise the awareness and inform the Local Government sector on the value and contribution of all women employed, elected and involved in Local Government. Prompted by Gunnedah's strong association with the koala, the forum theme entitled ‘Shaking the Branches of Local Government' will seek to explore the challenges faced by women within Local Government and advocate notions of personal strength, going out on a limb, making one's presence felt and having a voice, climbing the branches of personal growth and also suggests a fresh approach or new perspective to tackling issues. The forum will create a useful framework for wom- en wanting to gain practical knowledge and skills to advance their career in Local Government and to raise the awareness and educate key decision makers on the value and contribution of women in the workplace.